Veltec Speed 4.5 FCC Black Wheelset

Veltec Speed 4.5 FCC Black Wheelset

5.799,00 DKK 8.598,00 DKK

The Veltec Speed 4.5 FCC wheelset has an 45mm full-carbon Clincher rim, making it perfect for allround racing. With an inner width of 16.5mm, this wheelset is ideal for conventional tires with tubes. The wheel set is built with industrial-mounted Veltec SR hubs. Sapim CX-Ray knife spokes and Sapim Aluminum Double Square nipples – combining lightweight, secure and aerodynamic hub and rim. The black carbon surface in "UD-matt" finish guarantees a high-quality overall appearance on every bike. The standard decal color is white, alternatively the wheelset is also available with black decors. Incidentally, this affects the entire Carbon FCC collection. The wheelset is ideal for allround cycling – and cyclecross and race competitions. See more at www.veltec.de


•        FCC = Full Carbon Clincher
•        45mm high carbon rim, 23.5mm wide
•        For all standard wire and folding tires
•        Hubs "SR" industrial bearings
•        Spokes VR20 / HR24 x Sapim CX-Ray Aero
•        Nipple: aluminum, black
•        Weight: approx. 1550g (VR 700g, HR 850g)
•        Very light wheelset in "UD-matt" finish
•        Broad, bulbous aeroprofile
•        In the box: rim tape, quick release and 1set carbon brake pads

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